1000 THANKS!

I have been working intensively on this new step of advensys for 6 months. The recovery of RESTOMAX in the advensys group was only possible thanks to certain people whom I would like to thank, hoping not to forget anyone. ???? First thanks to ROLAND VAN MORCKHOVEN who understood that Restomax and its 15 collaborators are in good hands and the good collaboration of these first 3 weeks has already demonstrated it. Then to my 3 bankers: Mélissa Wilkin and Carl Debrouwer from ING and Julien Malburny from Belfius who supported me from start to finish in a spirit of wonderful partnership. This deal was also possible thanks to the close collaboration of finance&invest.brussels and more particularly Sophie de Jaer, Pierre Hermant and Denis Timmermans. I would also like to thank Damien Bassine and Adrien Lanotte for their valuable legal advice, as well as Renaud Gryspeerdt, Bruno M. Wattenbergh, Marc Filipson and Frederic for their help and their strategic and/or friendly advice during the preparation of the file. Thanks to Romain Hautot also at the origin of our Horeca activity, thanks to the ShopCaisse product which has become modullo easyshop for the Belgian market: a simple BUT complete AND scalable solution. We pulled ourselves up with superb results on the Belgian and French markets. Hats off! I would like to remember Anne-Catherine Trinon from ALTAVIA, Cédric Pierrard from Efficy and Jean-François Herremans from Easi for sharing with me their experiences of acquisitions and mergers and the importance of the human aspect in the success of the common project. Finally, I would like to thank the warm welcome given by the Restomax team and of course my teams who had to compensate for my lesser availability on a daily basis during the past 6 months. Thank you all for making this deal possible! Now it's up to us to make it a success! Happy holidays to everyone !