Pour l'évènementiel, les festivals, les foires et salons For events, festivals, fairs & exhibitions

For an exhibition, a fair or a festival, choosing a PLUG & POS cash register is a great asset. It will allow you to cash your customers quickly, which you will appreciate being able to do during peak times.

Specific features for events

It can work without cash and with substitutes such as RFID bracelets or badges. Our cash register solution works offline as well which means that the quality of the Internet network won’t affect your ability to sell during your event.

(Bear in mind that payments other than with cash – meaning via cashless or via your TPE – might, on the other hand, require an Internet connection.) Our solution can be paired with our stock management to anticipate your stock needs and replenish before products go out of stock.

(festival mode)

The centralized management allowed by PLUG & POS allows you to handle several cash registers from your backoffice. You can have a real-time look at sales revenue on a smartphone or a tablet.

Customer account management

PLUG & POS solution allows the management of customers accounts with a RFID badge or bracelet, via their email address, their smartphone, their names, their VAT number or their ID card.

Self-service cash register mode

These customer accounts can be nurtured and used from a cash register, an order terminal or via a website.

Stock management

This gives you the possibility to anticipate stock needs and replenish points of sales before stock shortage.

And for your restaurants?

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