For hospitality

Enjoy a complete ecosystem for the management of your company. To meet that need, we have developed an ecosystem perfectly suited for Hospitality. From booking to managing tables and orders, not to forget logistics such as kitchen processes, inventory and payments.

A comprehensive ecosystem

Modular, portable and interconnected, our cash register software fits all types of businesses.

Tablet & smartphone
cash register

Gone are the days of overwhelmed notepads & servers! Take your customer’s order on a tablet or a smartphone (Android or iOS), directly connected to your central cash register. 4 hours is all it takes to complete the installation, setup and training that will lead you to an easy and efficient use of our cash register software. With a clear, intuitive, feature-packed (upselling, reporting, etc.) interface, this cash register system is perfectly suited for retailers, restaurants, bars and cafés as well as for one-shot events, as most of it is also operational offline.

Order terminal

Gain speed, efficiency and save on human resources costs by equipping your venue or event with a PLUG & POS order terminal. Perfectly rehearsed to provide a service careful of the smallest details, the PLUG & POS order terminal features an intuitive interface that invites your customers to explore your product list. You will appreciate its cured layout and thorough descriptions that include nutritional values, allergens, composition and other characteristics that make it an exceptional tool for an exceptional service. Our order terminal also informs your customers of the last promotions and encourages the value increase of the average shopping cart thanks to the upselling features.

Click & Collect:
On point of sale

If perusing through the menu of a venue can now be done through a QRcode or via your smartphone, why not allow your customers to type in their order directly there as well?

That’s what Click & Collect is offering you. To spare your guests the stress of a time- & resource-dependent service, equip your venue with our Click & Collect system via QR code for smartphone and tablet. Thanks to a clear and intuitive interface, enjoy an appealing highlight of your products as well as a more efficient management of peak times. Upselling and reporting included, our Click & Collect is the ideal solution to optimize the use of human resources and get forever rid of order intake mistakes at your cost.

Click & Collect:
for online orders

You would like to put your product online to take away, but via your own website and without having to deal with pricey middlemen?

The Click & Collect solution allows your customers to order your products straight from your website and to collect them on your point of sale. This option spares you the logistics and saves you and your customers the cost of a third party. Born as an alternative to existing take away platforms, this Click & Collect system also features an intuitive interface that exposes with clarity the features of each of your product (nutritional values, allergens, composition, etc.). It also encourages the value increase of your average shopping basket thanks to efficient upselling functionalities and a presentation of ongoing promotions. The access to our reporting platform is also included in this service.

Kitchen max

It is the ideal app to allow your cook, bartender or even pizzaiolo to handle the flow or orders from one single screen. Also integrated on that same screen are the orders coming from Uber Eats, Deliveroo & Takeaway.

TV screen & buzzer application

To help you cut costs, we suggest you use the QRcode notification that turns your customer’s smartphone into a Buzzer. KITCHENMAX also offers the possibility to warn your customers of their order status via email, TV screen, buzzer or SMS.

Backoffice web

We provide an online reporting portal. At all times, retrieve all statistical data related to your cash register, your order terminal and/or your Click & Collect service through that portal. With that, you can manage your sales easily and with accuracy, to collect precious information regarding cancellation and loss rates, to remotely change your price, and to keep an eye on cash flow.

This portal will also allow you to proceed to full exports for your accountant, to receive email reports, to follow your employees’ schedules and to deal with access permissions (to discounts, cancellations, price changes, etc.)

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