The circle of Lorraine is dead, long live TheMerode!

At the end of the year, I am happy that The Merode has chosen PLUGANDPOS solutions for the reopening of this mythical place. We wish our best wishes for success to this beautiful project of animation of the life of Brussels. "Resolutely hushed, the atmosphere will not be silent, however, since Bruno Pani's primary objective _ the new owner_ is to breathe new life into sociabilisation: "Our ambition is to make it a real social club, c ie a place of life and exchange that combines entertainment and reflection, confides the CE0 of PROFIRST. We invite members to spend quality time in an exceptional setting, right in the center of Brussels, and above all in a place that wants to be conducive to knowledge and creativity since there will also be quality conferences. The idea is to feed collectively and network with people who want to shake the coconut tree." With RESTOMAX which has joined us, we can say that 60% of the places that make up the life of Brussels run on our software and despite the gloomy period we want to shake up the capital of Europe! #shakeBrusselslife! #wakeupBrussels!