Christmas is the time of gifts and beautiful stories. In 2015, with the arrival of the famous “black box” in the horeca, we launched with Maxence Janssis an offer for the first cash register on Tablet and Smartphone which will launch the PLUGANDPOS department at advensys. The system sells easily because it offers both ease and agility and is cheaper to deploy. Quickly, PLUG & POS became the French-speaking solution with the strongest growth. After 2 record years in 2020 and 2021 and thanks to incredible and super motivated teams! That's it ! It's signed! A new stage begins for PLUG & POS! RESTOMAX, the undisputed leader in Brussels for 30 years of checkout systems for #horeca has just joined the advensys group on December 1st! I have known and appreciated ROLAND VAN MORCKHOVEN for years and we have reached an agreement to join forces. By adding the Restomax product range to our solutions, we become the Belgian number 2 in cash register systems with 2,500 customers and 4,500 installations behind the Canadian company Lightspeed HQ, the undisputed leader in Flanders. The goal is set: to dethrone #Lightspeed in the next 5 years! Merry Christmas to everyone !